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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.


New Editor Brings Counseling Skills to Insight

For the first time, the editor of the church’s weekly youth magazine, Insight, will be a trained counselor. Omar Miranda came to youth ministry from a career of counseling adolescents and their families. He has seen it all. “My heart breaks for our youth,” he says. “Many times our youth are getting themselves wrapped up in bad habits, sinful behaviors, and deadly addictions all because they don’t know Jesus.”

Omar speaks from experience, telling how he “went off the deep end” as a teenager. “I was raised in the church, but turned my back on my family, my church, and my God,” he says. Research indicates that about half of children in the church will leave in their twenties.

“I find it interesting that Jesus knocks on the doors of our hearts,” says Miranda. “But many times His call to us is drowned out by all we think the world has to offer: money, sex, power, position, and prestige.”

“It’s important that we give youth the truth that they can only find what they truly desire and need in God alone.”

“I’m excited about Omar leading this ministry because first and foremost he loves the Lord,” says Dwain Esmond, the former editor of Insight who now is vice president of Editorial Services at the Review and Herald. “He knows youth ministry. He has a special gift for reading young people and passion to see them saved. “

“Omar’s vast experience counseling teens provides him with a street-level view of their deepest needs,” adds Randy Fishell, editor of Guide magazine.

Miranda says his title will be “Director of Insight Ministries” instead of simply “editor,” which indicates a more broad-based effort than just producing the magazine. He plans to make the Web site InsightMagazine.org more immediately responsive to teens looking for answers to specific questions or affirmation of their prayer requests. He envisions training events to coach parents and youth workers on how to better connect with youth.

Insight magazine features stories to help teens grow close to God. Advice columns help them find answers to their deepest questions and give them wise solutions to big problems. Miranda wants to put a special emphasis on practical Christianity—the experience he missed as a young man. “It is simple,” he says. “Our mission is to help kids know Jesus, love Jesus, and live Jesus.”

“I truly believe if our youth truly understood the significance and power of knowing Christ and being found in Him,” says Miranda, “they would be standing in line to get into church the way people do to get the newest iPhone!”