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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.


Fun Run Marks 15 Years of Outreach


 The 15


Vibrant Life Fun Run/Walk took place on Sunday, September 22 at the Review and Herald Publishing Association in Hagerstown, Maryland. A hundred runners and their families came to the event which first started in the 1990s as an outreach for the Seventh-day Adventist health magazine, Vibrant Life.


“We’re all about promoting health—mind, body and spirit,” magazine editor Heather Quintana told a local news reporter. The event has partnered with the North American Division’s “Let’s Move” health initiative which has spawned events all across the country on the same weekend.

 “I hope it gives people a chance to see the Review and Herald as a part of the community, not just a big building occupying space,” says Debra Banks who coordinated the event.  “The people who came from the community left with smiles. We had a nice, easy-going, jovial spirit that started with our volunteers.”